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Chevy Truck

Ron Hilbert's 1971 Chevy C-10 Pickup Truck Project

I visited the truck in Sparks Nevada in 1995 and the stripping of the old paint had begun. The metal was in extremely good condition with no bondo or dents.

Okay, there is a story behind this truck. It begins here....

The truck went to a body shop in Sparks Nevada in 1991 that was owned by a "friend of the family". I traded a Cadillac for $3000 and a KHS Mountain Bike for $950 the balance of the work was to be paid in cash.

It was actually painted at one time but the paint was not done well and even the guy who painted it didn't like the quality and when he was buffing it out he buffed through the paint on the hood. It was moved in the shop and a large dump truck came in for paint that would not fit in the spray booth. When they sprayed the dump truck yellow they got overspray all over the truck. The pickup had to be sanded down again.

Years went by and my friends didn't believe I even had a truck. I was moving around and didn't have a place to store it so I let it slide. I called from time to time asking how the progress was coming and excuse after excuse was given. Then one day I called and the phone had been disconnected...................


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