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Chevy Truck

Ron Hilbert's 1971 Chevy C-10 Pickup Truck Project

A week later my wife and I went up to Nevada to find the body shop completely empty and although there were some cars in the yard my truck was nowhere to be found. We talked to the landlord who happened to be next door collecting rent. He said that the body shop owner had declared bankruptcy and the IRS had an agent following him to find any assets he had as many of the cars were missing. The body shop owner next door said he had seen a pickup that was painted and sold; that the body shop owner had put fake mechanic leans on several vehicles so he could get title and sell them.

My heart dropped as the thought of my pickup was gone forever. Next we went to the Federal Court and looked over the bankruptcy filing and got the attorney's name and phone number who did the filing. I called the attorney's office and he said he would not give me any information but he would notify the shop owner that I called. Next we headed to the DMV to see if any 1971 pickup trucks with my VIN number had title transferred ownership.

On the way to the DMV office my cell phone rang and "the friend of the family" was on the line. You can only imagine the conversation that went on. Stories of what happened how everybody was out to get him and so on.....

He assured me that he still had the truck and everyone was spreading lies about him. In the conversation he refused to show me where the truck was because of people who were following him, but I got a few clues.

My wife and I found the truck looking over a fence a couple blocks from the old body shop in the back of a nursery along with some other cars tucked tightly together...

The truck was lost and then it was found...

The overspray covered many places including the wheels. Many parts were missing off the truck that were never found. Thank heavens for The Truck Shop in Orange California


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